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365 Things to Write About, Writing Journal

I was recently sent a great writing journal (365 Things to Write About!) to review and I’m loving every minute of it. I know it’s something all writers and bloggers will enjoy as well. What’s more, this writing journal can actually help anyone become a more creative, imaginative, and prolific, writer.

A writer, whether he/she is a blogger, novelist, short story writer, poet, freelance writer, children’s author, greeting card writer, screenplay writer, or song writer, is only as good as their imagination. That’s where a great writing journal can come into play. The journal serves as a prompt for the writer to broaden and express their creativity on each page.

Book Description

Publication Date: July 6, 2011

Unleash your vivid imagination across the pages of this eclectic, creative writing journal! How do you envision Shangri-La? A couch potato? The color red? Explore a multitude of writing styles (analytical, prose, poetry, songs, screenplays, etc.) to describe everyday objects and places, exotic locales, abstract concepts, imaginary creatures, and more.

365 Things to Write About is the perfect writing tool for people of all ages and skills, who seek a fun and inspiring way to explore their creative minds!

Here’s the premise: There are 365 words or phrases throughout the journal.  Your assignment, if you choose to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music), is to write a short story, journal entry, or even a poem using that word or phrase.  The choices for the words and phrases are quite creative themselves!  Here’s an extra challenge I’ve been doing: When you’ve completed two adjacent pages, come up with a short story, poem, or entry using BOTH of the words.   My favorite one involved the two words MEADOW and MEDUSA.  It became the stuff horror stories are made of.

If, like me, you are a web publisher or blogger, you’ve probably ran face first into the dilemma of not knowing what to write about.  My advice for this dilemma has always been summed up in one word: Write! The MORE you write, the more freely the words and ideas flow.  Because I write so much every day, I am able, literally, to sit down at any given time and crank out several hundred words on any given topic.  I write… therefore I write.  Writing journals are excellent resources for training your creative mind and flexing your writing muscles.

The 365 Things to Write About! writing journal is a great, inexpensive investment. Click through to read more.

Putting together a collection of your best work and submitting it to a self publishing service would be a great start to any writer’s career. Compile your work and share it other readers around the globe.

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