8 Suggestions for Keeping Your Mind Fit and Healthy


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When it comes to staying young, a mind lift beats a face lift any day. – Marty Bucella

I preach the importance of staying mentally active as often as I drink coffee, and believe me when I say through coffee breath, “That’s saying something.” 

About a year ago, I hurt my ankle while saving my cats from a playful pit bull.  I had to stay off of my feet for quite a while, and even when I was mobile again, it was slow going for weeks.  When the ankle finally decided to man up, I found that my legs were SO weak that short walks left me with jello knees.  I remember having to sit on a park bench as squirrels laughed at me.  Not a personal best for me.

Every part of us, every single thing that goes into making us who we are (from our heart to our heels) needs a steady diet of attention, challenges, and strengthening.  If we neglect anything, it’ll neglect us.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER is this more true than it is for our minds.  That’s why I often stop right smack in the middle of a particularly gruelling day and smile.  I’m getting a mental workout and believe me I need all of those I can get!  We should all look for as many ways to challenge ourselves mentally as possible.  The article below (it continues after the link at the end) is a great source of ideas and inspiration.  Read through the author’s suggestions, then pluck out the ways you’ll start improving and strengthening your own mind.

When you make mental fitness a priority, you’ll be able to see the effects almost immediately.  Enjoy the article!

 Re-Energize Your Brain!

We all use tools in our work, and all of these tools need to be re-energized in some way over time. They need to be polished, sharpened, refurbished. They need new spark plugs or a tune up. Some times they even need new batteries.  We take these maintenance tasks seriously because we know that when the batteries are fully charged we get the full potential out of electrical devices and when the machinery has been maintained it lasts longer and works more economically. Doesn’t it make sense then to do some regularly scheduled maintenance on our brain – a tool far more valuable than the rest?  It happens to all of us. We get in ruts, we build routines and we develop habits, and in doing so we often don’t use our brain the way we could. It is one of our most valuable and precious resources and it is time to re-energize it. Here then are eight ways you can re-energize, re-invigorate and do some ongoing maintenance for your brain.
1. Ask Why? Our brains are wired to be curious. As we grow up and “mature” many of us stifle or deny our natural curiosity. Let yourself be curious! Wonder to yourself about why things are happening. Ask someone in the know. The best way to exercise our curiosity is by asking “Why?” Make it a new habit to ask “why?” at least 10 times a day. Your brain will be happier and you will be amazed at how many opportunities and solutions will show up in your life and work.

2.  Laugh.  Scientists tell us that laughter is good for our health; that it releases endorphins and other positively powerful chemicals into our system. We don’t really need scientists to tell us that it feels good to laugh. Laughing helps us reduce stress and break old patterns, too. So laughter can be like a “quick-charge” for our brain’s batteries. Laugh more, and laugh harder.

3.  Remember.  Get out an old photo album or high school yearbook. Your brain is a memory machine, so give it a chance to work! Spend time with your memories. Let your mind reflect on them and your mind will repay you in positive emotions and new connections from the memories to help you with your current tasks and challenges.

4 .Do a puzzle. Some of us like jigsaw puzzles, some crossword puzzles, some logic puzzles – it really doesn’t matter kind you choose to do. Doing puzzles in your free time is a great way to activate your brain and keep it in good working condition. Do the puzzle for fun, but do it knowing you are exercising your brain. 

Continue Reading Re-Energize Your Brain for the last 4 great ideas!


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  1. Great suggestions. I do the puzzle thing myself regularly (Sudoku anyone, shifting from puzzle type to puzzle type as I get my fill of any one thing). And I also learn new stuff constantly, especially now that I’ve gotten addicted to the internet ;-)

    The “remember” one was new to me. Hadn’t thought of that. So now I won’t feel guilty anymore when I spend time going through my old photo albums, reminiscing… I’m just exercising my brain!



  2. It was really enriching one’s mind , and I strongly believe doing such simple things like this is really make our self important.

  3. Great suggestions on the mind .you are play the games that challenge your mind like scrabble, crosswords, and Sudoku because that s a great way to get your brain to think,to encourage it to learn and your mind is tension’s free and active on the mind on the study……………….
    Healthy Receipes´s last blog post ..Diabetes- Eating Healthy- Eating Well!

  4. sitaram dhandhania says:

    great !

    What is that which does not allow the mind to give maximum output ?
    What role does the basic knowledge of cosmic powers and laws play in the overall development of the mind ?

    love to hear from you.


  5. Hello
    Great post. I would like to emphasize one thing – very often people stress over things they cannot change. This kind of behavior is one of the worst things you can do. The best thing to do is leave those things alone. It is wise to focus on positive and positive future instead.
    Best Regards
    Melissa Mat
    Melissa Mat´s last blog post ..Simple stress prevention tips you can adopt to your everyday life

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