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I can give the basics and even a few little extras, but the best way to get to know about me is to get to know me. So  hook up with me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/JoiTaniaSigers), Become friends with me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/joisigers)  or e-mail me (joisigers @ aim.com). That way, I get to know you too!

My name is Joi (pronounced Joy).  I was born in Madisonville, Kentucky and  currently live in Owensboro, Kentucky.  I absolutely, positively am in love with life and spend most of my time admiring it, laughing at it, and just drinking it all in.  I love people and am, literally, a people person.  Even the difficult people of the world kind of amuse me.  Seriously.  Watch a hard grouch in motion. Hilarious!

I’ve never done drugs, never smoked, and never sipped or guzzled anything stronger than espresso.  I think it goes back to the whole loving life thing.  When you love and appreciate it as much as I do (and as much as everyone should) – why would you want to mess it up? If you don’t like your reality – alter it permanently and positively, not temporarily and dangerously.

I have the greatest husband in the world, Michael, and we have three beautiful daughters:  Emily, Brittany, and Stephany.   These people hung the moon and the sun in my galaxy.  Emily’s husband Dill and Stephany’s husband Rusty are the sons I never had and I couldn’t possibly love them any more than I do. When Brittany finds her Prince Charming, I know I’ll feel the same way about him.  Problem is… there are so many toads you have to go through to find the Prince!

I am  completely obsessed with animals and would have 200 if my husband would look the other way for about an hour.  As it is, we have 4 gorgeous cats who are also family:  Alexa (the only one who resides inside with us – the spoiled little diva refuses to allow any other cats inside her castle), Hannah, Queen Fatima, and Cupcake Jones.  I also consider all of the birds, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and possums that I feed and watch each day to be my pets.

Someone once asked me, “What’s the strangest thing about you?”  I thought that was a deliciously fascinating question – and I had the answer almost immediately.  I love spiders and sharks – a couple of things that define other people’s nightmares completely fascinate me. They’re absolutely gorgeous.

I do not have a degree in social work or psychology. I did not get my teaching degree online nor did I get an associates degree in anything. My education has been 75 percent self-taught – through books and (of course) life. I have had incredible experiences – some fantastic, some horrible – and I draw upon them often in my writing. I believe that God has given me a natural ability to relate to people and even to help them. If I didn’t believe this with 100 percent of my heart and soul, I would not be here.

I lost both parents at relatively young ages, I had and lost the house of my dreams (thanks to circumstances surrounding September 11), I have watched helplessly as illnesses wreaked their havoc on loved ones, and I’ve been at the mercy of a Thyroid disease, myself.  I’ve had pretty bad car wreck injuries, and had to literally drive away from what was, essentially, a dream life – living on an island in the Gulf of Mexico… no biggie.

When I was in middle school, I was sick so often (hospitalized often with severe asthma) and missed so much school that I fell into a deep pit and suffered from very painful shyness.  One of the smartest things I ever did was to realize what was happening before it got too far.  Even though my parents thought I was off my rocker, in my Freshman year of high school, I enrolled myself in debate class AND drama class.  I figured that they’d either snap me  out of the darkness that shyness had cast over my life or I’d crumble so much that I wouldn’t care.

My drama teacher seemed to adore me and took me right under her wing.  I believe she knew what I was up to (trying to perform shock therapy on myself) and she was, as they say, all in.  As luck would have it (excuse me while I change that to as God would have it), this wonderful woman was also my debate class instructor.  Right off the bat, she gave me the lead in our first performance.  In a series of Carol Burnett skits we were to perform at a local rest home, she gave me Carol’s role.  Front and center.   I was too flattered and too excited to be scared.

Until the day of the performances.

I couldn’t breath and this time it wasn’t the asthma.  As though it were yesterday, I remember looking out at the adorable men and women waiting in the Rec Room.  I thought, “They just want to laugh…” – then I made up my mind to make them do just that.  A true ham, in every sense of the word, was born that day.  I got that life wasn’t about me – it’s about others.  It is, genuinely,  my greatest desire to bring smiles to other people’s faces and shine a light in other lives, whenever I possibly can.

My parents, an aunt Penny and uncle Bobby who were like “second parents,” and a few of my teachers (Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Watkins) helped me get back what extended (and frightening!) hospital visits took from me:  Confidence and strength.  They also brought out, and encouraged, my voice.

In fact, it was my aunt Penny who encouraged me the most in my writing.  She made me feel like my writing was special and that I had a gift.  Because of her, I developed a passion for stringing words together and having fun with them.

I actually look back on many of my trials and tribulations, now, as blessings.  They made me stronger.  There’s strength to be found when life throws you on the mat and asks, “Are you going to stay on your back on get back on your feet?”

I don’t “parade” my highs and lows to show off… although Thyroid disease is pretty high falutin,’ I simply want to give a bit of information about myself to let you know that I’ve been on the front lines in life and the experiences I’ve had provide a huge well from which I draw from with my writing.

I do work from home and generate all of my “Mall” and “Starbucks” money with my websites.  However, I will never compromise any of my sites and have no intention of selling out.  If I recommend a book, video, author, or even Starbucks drink – know that I have enjoyed it myself and simply want you to have the same experience.

My Family

As I said before, my family and cats hung the moon and stars.  I taught my beautiful daughters at home from Kindergarten to 12th grade. They’ve gone on to be extremely successful in everything they’ve ever done and have a tendency to overachieve. My oldest daughter has her dream job – teaching. My middle daughter is a manager in a beauty supply store and is working on her business degree. My youngest daughter works from home with her mom as a web designer/graphic artist/web publisher.  Her graphic art blows me completely away.

The Polar Bears and Other Animals

You’ve no doubt noticed all of the beautiful pictures of polar bears, cats, butterflies, birds, wolves and so on.  I warned you – I’m completely obsessed with animals!  I do have a clear incentive, however.  I feel that everyone should “adopt” several causes that they are associated with.  This brings more attention to these causes. In addition to supporting breast cancer awareness, heart health, diabetes research, Alzheimer’s, and… frankly ALL children’s charities – I try to make all the noise I can about animals, namely their protection and preservation.

I heard from a woman once who said that the presence of so many animal pictures on my self help blog distracted her and she thought they were unprofessional and “childish.”  She said she wouldn’t be back – to which I replied, “Good. I don’t think I could have helped you anyway.

She is the only negative feedback I’ve ever gotten – most people respect another person’s feelings and most are cool enough to actually love animals as well.  Anyway, the animals most definitely will stay.  It all goes back to listening to and respecting your inner voice.

Once mine was pulled out, it has stayed out.  – Joi

Small Print… AKA Disclaimer

As I’ve said, Self Help Daily is for one purpose – to try and help as many people as possible in my own small way.  Some people simply need to know that someone “out there” cares.  That is what I’m trying to do with this site.  If I can inspire or motivate just one person to improve their life and cause them to smile more – this is what I call success!

However, I do want to let you know about one thing:  I work entirely from home.   So, you will see that when I recommend a book, I use an Amazon affiliate link.  This means I get paid (a small amount) for each book or product bought on Amazon when that link is used.

Sometimes I am sent books or other freebies to review for the site.  If I like them, I’ll recommend them to you.  If I don’t, I won’t.  Simple as that.

I have a pact with myself – if I wouldn’t recommend something to my own daughters, I won’t recommend it to my online friends (that’s you).

This is the way my recommendations generally go…

  1. I’ll come across a book, theme, or product that I love.
  2. I’ll come to Self Help Daily to recommend it to my readers.
  3. I’ll look to see if there is an affiliate program – so that I can, at least, get paid for the recommendation.

I promise you this:  I never have and never will recommend something for personal reasons.  That’s just not me and that’s just not the reputation I want for myself or my sites.

My Other Websites and Blogs

In case you are interested, below is a list of my other websites/blogs, along with a brief description of each.

  • Get Cooking – My food and recipe blog – recipes, candy reviews, kitchen gadgets, and fun in the kitchen. I love to cook and this is where I try to make the love of cooking contagious.
  • Out of Bounds – My mental fitness, brain health, self help, and relaxation blog.
  • Dream Prophesy – Did you know that I’m a dreamologist?!  This is my Dream Analysis, Dream Interpretation site.
  • Genuine Kentucky – My Kentucky blog.
  • Hollywood Yesterday – I’m completely obsessed with old movies and classic television shows.  This is where I celebrate them!
  • Cat Pause – Something else I’m completely obsessed with is cats.  I’m a HUGE animal lover and my babies are just that – my babies.
  • Office Freaks – Office supplies do it for me – always have, always will. This is my office supply blog where I just have a lot of fun.
  • Crazy Tea Chick –  Tea reviews, tea products… all things tea!
  • Drop Dead Glam – A fun fashion and beauty blog I run with my youngest daughter, Stephany.
  • Happily Ever After – Wedding blog I run with Steph.


The picture, below, is one my youngest daughter, Stephany, took.  It’s the only picture I’ve ever had taken that didn’t make me want to throw myself in front of a bus.  So, yeah, I went with it as an About Page pic.  So what if I’m kneeling at the bathroom counter trying to straighten out my naturally curly hair and snarling about the process?  I’ve got on my favorite Tommy Hilfiger top, so let’s put it out there.