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Book Reviews, Advertising Inquiries, and "Hellos" are Equally Welcomed

Contact pages are kind of tough – even for people who write all day… every day.  I’m not sure why, exactly, but I almost always find myself sitting, staring blankly at a white, blank area with a little typing prompt waiting where the text should begin.

Should. Yet I don’t know where to begin.

Maybe the reason contact pages are so hard for me is that I truly love to hear from people. Getting e-mail is one of my favorite parts of running a web publishing business from home. Well, that and 24/7 access to my crazy family, cats, and sweet tea.

I enjoy hearing from readers on each of my websites, but (somehow) they’re even more interesting and “cool” when they land in my inbox from Self Help Daily.

Truly, the most colorful, friendly, and amazing people visit this website.

If you want to reach me for any of the following reasons, use the address below:

  • book reviews (I only review non-fiction books that are relevant to the subjects of self help, inspirational, family, and health)
  • advertising (because of unscrupulous people, I only publish posts or links AFTER payment has been made)
  • questions about any of the books I’ve reviewed or subjects I’ve covered
  • just to say, “Hi!”

I now use my personal e-mail address for all of my business and personal e-mail. What can I say, life’s too short to have to log into and out of 12 different accounts.  You can reach me anytime at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks! – Joi

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