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Cat on Pine Mountain , Kentucky

Welcome to Self Help Daily.  Whether you came through the Google entrance, or a door provided by one of the sexy, talented, cool and amazing people who link to Self Help Daily – I’m thrilled you’re here. I don’t want to keep you any longer than is necessary (although I do enjoy your company), so I’ll just be brief.  That, you’ll find after reading a few of my posts, doesn’t come easily for me.

However, I do want to extend a special welcome to you and to tell you a few things about Self Help Daily.

  • In addition to being a Self Help Blog, Self Help Daily also provides an ever-growing collection of self help articles.  You can find the index to these articles here.
  • Unlike a lot of Self Help sites and blogs, the writing, research, and general running of this site is done by one individual.  My name is Joi (pronounced Joy) and my e-mail address is on the right.  I invite you to e-mail me anytime for any reason.  You’ll hear back as soon as humanly possible. The only way I could be any more accessible is if my shadow (also known as my beloved cat Alexa) and I walked through your room, coffee cup in my hand and chocolate something or another on my breath.
  • Self Help Daily also has a large (and growing) collection of motivational and inspirational quotes.   Whether you need a quote for a specific purpose, or you’re simply looking for a little motivation, I’m striving to make this collection the only one you’ll ever need.
  • Self Help Daily runs on the three things its owner runs on:  Coffee, chocolate, an all-consuming love for all animals (and birds, lady bugs, spiders… yes, even spiders…) and an honest desire to make the world a better place.
  • Many sites invite you to subscribe to their rss, and for most that’s a brilliant idea.  In fact, we have an rss feed – and, for your convenience, we’ve elected to provide you with a Full Text Version of each post.  Sure, I’d rather you come on in for a visit rather than just looking through the window – but what matters most is what’s convenient for you.  For Self Help Daily, however, it would almost be best to simply visit the site each day.  The url is an easy one to remember, and there’s something fresh and different each and every day – whether it’s a new post or new quotes, links, or articles….something will always be here waiting for you.  Besides me and animals. Lots and lots of animals.
  • Speaking of animals – which I almost always am – you’ll see lots of animals in the pictures on Self Help Daily. Almost all of the pictures on the website are pictures I’ve taken myself. Please feel free to use these pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, or your own websites and blogs. It’d be great if you e-mailed to double-check that the picture in question is mine (a few times I get pictures from authors or publicists to use along with stories) and while I’d LOVE a link back (because links are so terribly, terribly cool), the main thing is that the pictures have a good life and make lots of friends.
  • I invite you to leave comments and share what you know with the rest of us. Whether it’s a comment simply saying, “I love that quote!” or a comment that gives more information about the post’s subject – every comment is cherished.  I even get a weird, twisty-type pleasure out of “You’re the devil!” comments.  And, yes, I did get one of those once – for recommending a movie I enjoyed.  I simply responded, “Yes, and I’m looking for you.” * I mean, sure I want to make the world a better place – but it doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun along the way.

Besides, it was Alexa’s idea.

- Joi

* I am not the devil. I’m on God’s team.

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