Friday’s Quotes of the Day: Change

Often we change jobs, friends, and spouses instead of ourselves.” -Akbarali H. Jetha

Palm TreeI guess it’s easier to change things around us than it is to change ourselves.  Of course, going about it this way only means the cycle will repeat itself.

It reminds me of people who are always looking for THINGS to make them happy.  They’ll buy new clothes, furniture, or even cars…looking for a lasting fix.  Unfortunately these types of material fixes are simply sugar highs – the sort that’ll wear off soon enough, right before the crash.

Or the people who think “the magical answer” lies in a new state.   “I’m not happy.  It must be because I live in ???????? If I move to !!!!!!!, I’ll be happy!”  More likely than not, the problems they have in ???????? will follow them to !!!!!!! – the weather will just be nicer.

I actually heard something in the parking lot yesterday while leaving my favorite grocery store.  It was early but already pretty darned hot.  The man rounding up carts was complaining about the heat to a woman, fanning herself with a circular. He said he’d heard it was going to reach the late 80′s by noon and she said, “I know, I can’t stand summer.  I’m trying to talk my husband into moving to Florida.”  The worker, his carts, me, my bags – we all froze in place.  None of us were aware Florida didn’t have summers.  I even lived there before.  I’m almost certain they had warm weather.

In her haste to pull out a solution, she nearly won my Most Bizarre Statement of the Month award.  Unfortunately for her, I’ve read some Britney Spears’ quotes lately – so she’s retaining a title she has a choke hold on.

We should start looking inward more than outward for our solutions.  All of the answers to all of life’s questions lie inside of us – not outside of us. 

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Quotes of the Day: Change

  1. Hey Great Post,
    Yes i would agree with you, that change our environment is an easier alternative than searching within for the answers or the ultimate revelation. It is evident in our society that many people use short term fixes to deal with long term problems. However i personally believe that many people are not even aware of their potential to solve their problems. All the answers we require in life, All the solution we need in life, and all the success we desire, first begins from within. I think this post can benefit many people. I love to share my own personal experiences with you in my blog over here if your interested,
    best regards

  2. Have you ever noticed that sometimes we keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result! It’s much easier to change (we think) our environment than to accept that the problem lies within. Running away never solved any problems. Like your lady in your post – everywhere has 4 seasons. To change means moving out of our comfort zone. Why not visit my website to see how hypnotherapy can help you make the change within.