Happiness isn’t Just a Choice…

It's the Only One that Makes Sense

Never Pass Up a Chance to Smile

I don’t follow celebrity news, gossip, or blogs. Quite frankly, I don’t identify with most so-called celebs these days.  The selfishness – more like self-obsession, the substance abuse, and the total lack of anything remotely resembling decency has left me with the motto of, “I’m better off without any of that in my life.”

As I was about to say that I wasn’t going to get on my soap box, I stubbed my toe on said soap box, so I won’t even lie to you.  I’m going there – but I’ll only be there a minute.

My youngest daughter (who’s becoming as fed up with the “stars” of the day as I am) recently told me that during the recent ridiculous, destructive, and senseless rioting that took place in our country, a particular reality tv star uploaded selfie after selfie after selfie of herself at a swanky event.  While so much insanity was going on – with so many people hurting and scared – the only thing that mattered to this person was showing off. It’s thing that mattered to her WAS her.

Some people just want to watch the world burn – as long as they can take pictures of themselves against the flames. I can hear them now… “What excellent lighting!

In our world – as well as in our own country – there are adults and children who go to bed hungry. There are animals who are going extinct right before our eyes. Have you seen the sickening statistics about the number of girls and women being abused today by their boyfriends and husbands? How can there be so many abusive jackasses in the world?!

After reading the article, I said a little prayer to God that my daughters are all “safe.”  The only thing the boys in their lives abuse are hamburgers, bacon, and video game zombies. The only time they raise their hands to anyone is for a high five if their sport’s team won or they defeated an awesome number of zombies.

Sigh, I love those boys.

With all the bad going on in the world, I simply don’t care to read about any reality star’s shallow life and I certainly don’t want to see any of their gazillion and one selfies!

Seriously. How can you think, “Wow, I look good today… I’d better let everyone else see this..”?

Then there are the clowns who waste millions of dollars, money that could do SO MUCH good in the world, on drugs and alcohol.

Like I said, I’m better off without any of that in my life.

I’m not here, however, to hate on anyone (though I do hate 99 percent of the things these people do). I’m not even here to make fun of them. If I wanted to attack anyone, I’d name names.

It might surprise you, but I’m actually here to applaud something one of these loosely termed “celebs” said recently.  Again, with information courtesy of my 5’2″ source, one particular reality star recently came under fire for finding a particular joke funny.  It was a stupid joke, mind you, but it amused her for whatever reasons and, if you ask me, that’s kind of her business.

Mind you, her haters didn’t rail on her for her for a joke she’d made… just for finding one funny.

She was called everything under the sun and hate arrows of hate slung at her left and right.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how she’d respond.  I kept one eye on her response as I went about my cat, chocolate, and Chai Tea Latte filled life. Then it came. Her answer… her response…. her (in my opinion) statement of victory.

She simply said, “I choose happiness.”

With these three words, she could have been letting the world know that her haters weren’t going to rob her of the one thing they wanted most… her happiness.  She also could have been looking out at the hateful, angry, venom-spewing crowd and telling them that she had something they obviously didn’t… happiness.

I like to think she was doing both, but, then again, I’m an optimist.

Each day we have a million and one opportunities to either be miserable or to smile.

Next time you find yourselves sitting in front of one of these opportunities, tell it, “You are SO not worth frown lines!”

Then smile.

Always, always, always choose happiness,
~ Joi

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