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A Round Up of Self Help Advice

A Smorgasboard of Self Help Articles and Advice

I’ve collected a few more posts and articles from the top shelf just for you. They cover a wide range of self help topics and issues – so you’re certain to get something from each.

8 Simple Ways to Save Money & Help Stop Poverty. When I came to the paragraph where the author mentions Starbucks, spending lots of money on books, and speeding – I took a good look at his picture. Next time he’s observing me in caffeinated fast-forward action, I’ll know it.

The Formula for Failure and Success by Jim Rohn.  After reading every word of this great article, find “Community” in the nav bar at the top.  Hover over the word until you see the drop-down menu.  Now, click on “Blog.”  This is one of the best blogs you never knew about.   Great information and motivation.  A few posts in and you’ll be ready to rule the world.  (When you’ve arrived, remember my polar bears, okay?)

Advice for a Teenage Daughter – Things You Should Never Do.  If you have a daughter, you’ll want to e-mail her the link to this post.  It doesn’t matter if she’s 12 or 42 – it’s great advice.

Women and Stress – Stories of Success.  This is a great read for anyone who wants advice for coping with stress.

Information about Flu Shots.  After 3 weeks on the living room/bathroom/and kitchen floors last year – I’ve already gotten my flu shot this season.

Why Googling is Good for Grandma and Grandpa! Cool article.  Makes a good case for teaching our older relatives a thing or two about the internet.

14 Surprising Signs You’ll Live Longer Than You Think.  As an optimistic tea-lover who loves to walk, this article left me feeling pretty good.  However, my weakness for diet soda just took another hit and I have even more reasons to cut out red meat.  Read through the 14 “signs” and see what you need to do (or eat) more of and less of.   Also, notice what it says about housework – you and I were just praising it in the last post, weren’t we?  Aren’t we clever?

As a mental fitness guru, I also loved the following advice:  “Set personal or career goals, and challenge yourself to meet them by a certain time. Also, try new things to stimulate your brain: If you always read fiction, pick up an autobiography instead. The next day, try to recall three facts you learned from the reading.”

Have a great Friday and hug everyone you love.  Twice.

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