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My gorgeous baby girl Alexa.

The websites, blogs, and products below were very carefully handpicked by my chief editor and I. For those who don’t know, my chief editor is one of my cats, Alexa.  She’s tough to work for (such expectations) but never seems to mind when I kick off early to lie in the floor and watch a  movie with her.  She’s all about romantic comedies.

As you’ll notice, the resources we’ve selected are a mixture of professional websites and personal blogs. What we look for are resources that will help you. Not resources that are looking to benefit from you – resources that are looking to benefit you. That’s all we want them to have on their mind.


Real Age – Live Life to the Youngest – This is a website I visit just about every single day.  I not only find something new each time I go, I learn about 10 new things!  You just have to love those odds.  You’ll find articles, quizzes, tips, recipes, reviews, advice, tips, etc.  –  all geared toward keeping you as young, vibrant, and healthy as you are now.


Be the Change You Want to See in Yourself – Inspirational thoughts, ideas, quotes, and articles. If you don’t find something in Catherine Morgan’s writing to inspire you, open your shirt and make sure your heart’s still where you left it!

Awake is Good! – I was trying to think of an appropriate description for this inspirational and uplifting blog. I wanted to focus on its relaxing spirit and positive attitude. Then I noticed the description at the top of the page: “An Oasis of Calm, Clarity, and Compassion.” That’s it!

The Power of Right Thinking “A famous scene in Peter Pan illustrates the power of thoughts. Peter is in the children’s bedroom. They have seen him fly and want to fly, too. They have tried it from the floor, then the beds! The result is failure. Finally, John asked, ‘How do you do it?’ Peter answered, ‘You just think lovely, wonderful thoughts and they lift you up in the air.’ In a sense, the same is true for the believer. You can change your life by changing the way you think.” Click the link to read an outstanding article on the power of right thinking. This is definitely a MUST READ.

Positive Attitude Tips – Read suggestions and tips, quotes and messages, to help maintain a positive outlook.

Self Help Collective – Guru-Free (how I love that phrase!) self help and self improvement information and advice.  If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a wonderful place to start…. and end.  You’ll find inspirational quotes, thoughts and quotes about happiness, self improvement, and success.

Motivational Tools– This motivational website contains tons of free motivational and inspirational tools and resources such as motivational quotes, videos, poems, speeches, articles and more.


Prevention Newsletters – There are actually 8 different newsletters available.  I subscribe to all but 1, and that’s just because I don’t have diabetes.

National Geographic Newsletter –  My desire to know about every corner of the world is so strong that I subscribe to different newsletters that will teach me things I’d never learn otherwise.

Discovery Channel Newsletters – Your’s truly subscribes to the Discovery Channel newsletter, Animal Planet (oh, come now, you had to see that one coming, TLC, Discovery Health, and Planet Green).  Yes, I subscribe to a great number of newsletters, but they’re like amazing articles delivered for me to read at my convenience.  Some weeks are so hectic that these newsletters back up and wait patiently for Sunday.  But when Sunday comes, I grab my coffee and get lost in all of the fascinating information.

Everyday Health –  There are some really amazing newsletters available from Everyday Health.  You’ll find subjects including health, fitness, finances, skin care, weight loss, pregnancy, healthy eating, inspiration, religion, etc.  Suffice to say, you’ll be able to find anything you’re looking for.


32 Keys, a Collection of Ideas About Life – You know how you’re riding along, surfing the internet and, suddenly, you land on a website – but have no idea how you got there? That happened recently and I am overjoyed that it did. This particular website is equal parts delightful and helpful. The  Keys advice given reminds me of the simple, dead on, and wonderful advice you’d get if you sat down and talked with your father. (Unless it was my dad, of course. Daddy always thought the answer to any problem was to have a cup of coffee and work in a flower bed. Like father, like daughter!) You have to visit and bookmark this site. Yep. That was an order.

Personal-Development.Com – Providing Personal Development Resources since 1999. The articles on this particular web site are phenomenal. You’ll find yourself reading one after the next after the next. I actually got up from my chair halfway through an article by Chuck Gallozzi to get pen and paper to jot down a few notes. Personal Development Community  – Personal development community that focuses on prosperity & abundance, Lifestyle design, quality of life, and motivation.

29 Tips for a Healthy Life


Mayo Clinic – Most of the time, if your name is a household  word in your field, there’s a reason for it.  Mayo Clinic and Medical Information go hand in hand.  They have a flawless reputation and are have earned it.

Jonny Bowden Solutions –  On his highly informative website, Dr. Jonny Bowden sums up his mission and passion with the following words:

  • provide cutting edge information about diet, nutrition and health.
  • inspire, motivate, teach and entertain.
  • help you cut through all the
    misconceptions about health and diet.
  • help you live a truly powerful, magnificent and healthy life with energy and passion!

While on the website, visit the blog, read the wonderful articles, and whatever you do – sign up to receive the free e-book “29 Tips for a Healthy Life.”  You’ll also discover other outstanding books and e-books for sale.  Click HERE to begin living a healthier life!

WebMD – You’ll find every topic you could ever hope for (or maybe I should say that you wouldn’t hope for?) on Web MD.  There are slideshows, fitness articles, news, reports, polls, etc.  Web MD manages to make their website feel more like a medical community than a medical clinic, yet the information is still spot on.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance


Polar Bear Conservation

Polar Bears International

Simple Steps to Help Polar Bears

Cat Pause

PETA Living Blog

A few of my favorite posts from the PETA Blog include:

Five Ways You Can Start Saving Money Today

10 Commandments from a Dog’s Perspective

10 Cruelty Free Bar Soaps


Christian – This website is more like a community than a website. You can read thoughts from a wide array of wonderful people (from just about everywhere!) and interact with them when you have something you’d like to add. Topics range from homeschooling to pets and from cooking to the Bible. Four subjects that are near and dear to my heart! – When I first visited this website, the very first thing I noticed were the words, “Finding the good in all circumstances.” With an attitude like that, I knew I was going to like them. Subscribe to their newsletter and prepare to be inspired.