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 “Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a type of death.” – Anais Nin

Our Self Help, Self Improvement, and Inspirational Articles include a variety of authors who’d love to help you get the most out of life and the most out of yourself.

Self Help Articles by Joi Sigers, Self Help Daily

“Different Paths in the Self Help Industry
The Self Help industry has reached such monstrous proportions that it’s a wonder the world can even contain it. The public is ravenous for information, so book publishers turn the books out by the thousands. Personally, I think this says a lot of positive things about our society… (Continue reading Different Paths in the Self Help Industry)

“How to Blow the Blues Away”
Around this time of year, you can find endless charts and articles comparing colds and flu. Is it a cold or is it the Flu? The symptoms of each are then compared, with the hope that the reader will pinpoint what’s making them sick, then be able to brag to their family that they either have the “worst cold ever” or the “most severe flu known to man…”  (Continue reading How to Blow the Blues Away)

“Reasons are the Building Blocks to a Better Life”
They say that if you have enough reasons you can do anything. So, unless I miss my guess, if we want to build a better life for ourselves, that makes REASONS the building blocks we’ll need for our project. Even those of us without any architectural expertise know there’s no such thing as building from the top/down, we have to start at the bottom with our blocks. More to the point – with our reasons…  (Continue reading this Reasons are the Building Blocks to a Better Life)

“Erase Hate – One Person at a Time
In 1998, on a deserted road, 21 year old Matthew Shepard was beaten, tied to a fence, and left to die. Tragically, 3 days later, that’s exactly what happened. Was he guilty of a crime that vigilante justice insisted he atone for? Had he cheated on or wronged someone for the last time? Was someone settling a score? What had this beloved son done to “deserve” to be tortured and murdered? In a sentence? Matthew Shepard was gay…. (Continue reading Erase Hate – One Person at a Time)

“The Bridge You’ll Never Cross”
I was spending a little time alone with Grenville Kleiser last night while my husband was otherwise occupied. Fortunately for all involved, Mr. Kleiser is one of my favorite authors and the time we spend is in the confines of his wonderful books. We met last night in “Inspiration and Ideals” from 1917, and yes…that does make him an older man…. (Continue reading The Bridge You’ll Never Cross)

“Watch Your Slip!
Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I can’t believe I said that?!” – or, maybe, “I can’t believe I made such a mistake!” If you’re human, you’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I have my own collection of regret-tees. They never fit that well, do they?…. (Continue reading Watch Your Slip!)

“Commit to Change and It’ll Be Yours
All of us – every single one of us – has at least one change we need to make in our lives. We know full well what change needs to take place, and we certainly know WHY we want it to come about. The WHY may be more money, better health, better relationships, or better organization. Whatever the details, the change will be one that we know will add happiness and harmony to our lives….. (Continue reading How to Commit to Change)

“Use Your Superpowers to Change Your Life!
All of us have at least one thing in our life that isn’t “quite as we’d like it to be.” Truth be told, most of us have several things we’d love to change. These things usually fall into one of the following categories…. (Continue reading How to Change Your Life)

“How to Be Happy!
When my daughters were 8, 7, and 4, they got along beautifully most of the time. However, as you’d imagine, they were perfectly capable of mini wars that left everyone miserable…. (Continue reading How to Be Happy!)

“How to Overcome Addictions
Addictions should never be underestimated. They aren’t “inconveniences” or “habits.” What they are is completely and utterly destructive… (Continue reading How to Overcome Addictions)

“How to Overcome Adversity
One of the first things you can do when adversity strikes is to remind yourself that you are not an exception – life isn’t “picking” on you. Bad things happen to everyone – there’s no escaping them. They know where we live…  (Continue reading How to Overcome Adversity)

“Solving Relationship Problems in a New Marriage
With all of the things that could possibly go wrong in a new marriage, it’s a wonder any of us make it to our 5th anniversary, let alone our 25th! With so many things to overcome, adjust to, and sort out, a newly married couple can often find themselves snarling more than they smile and snapping more than they snuggle… (Continue reading Solving Problems in a New Marriage)

“What is Christianity?
There are seemingly hundreds of belief systems and religions in the world. There are so many that entire college courses are taught to straighten them all out. Many health professionals need to be educated about different religions, so they can treat any given patient with complete respect, by honoring his or her beliefs.
(Continue reading What is Christianity?)

“How to Make a Sore Throat Feel Better!
If you have a sore throat, you know the very meaning of the word agony! Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to bring immediate relief and shorten your suffering. (Continue Reading How to Make Your Sore Throat Feel Better)

Self Help Teachings by One of Self Help Daily’s Favorite Authors:  Grenville Kleiser

“Choose Your Thoughts Carefully
Dwell more and more upon thoughts of what you really want in your life. Close and hermetically seal the door of your mind against thoughts of what you do not want in your life. …  (Continue reading this Choose Your Thoughts Carefully)

“Travel Heavenward
To be strong and true; to be generous in praise and appreciation of others; to impute worthy motives even to enemies; to give without expectation of return; to practise humility, tolerance, and self-restraint; to make the best use of time and opportunity…..  (Continue reading this Travel Heavenward)

“Daily Steps in Self Culture”
In Grenville Kleiser’s wonderful book from 1910, How To Develop Self Confidence, he devotes an entire chapter to what he calls “Daily Steps in Self Culture.” The daily steps Mr. Kleiser developed are listed below. Click each to see its own individual “lesson.” The self help and self improvement advice that Grenville Kleiser shares with us is honestly as priceless as it is timeless….  (Continue reading this Daily Steps in Self Culture)

Self Help Teachings by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

“Napoleon Hill’s Three Feet From Gold”
One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another…  (Continue reading this Napoleon Hill’s Three Feet From Gold)

Self Help Advice by James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

“Thought and Character” by James Allen
As the plant springs from, and could not be without, the seed, so every act of man springs from the hidden seeds of thought…  (Continue reading this Thought and Character)

Self Help Articles and Guest Articles by Various Authors

“Dream Your Life Positively” by Ton Pascal
Just after publishing my first ebook, Dream Your Life Positively which dealt basically with the universal laws of attraction, a good friend asked me: Does it means that all disasters, diseases, or personal loss are a reflection of my thoughts?… (Continue reading this Dream Your Life Positively)

“Forgiveness, How to Let Go” by Ton Pascal
I was overwhelmed with emails after I published my personal experiences with forgiveness. I was surprised to see how many people felt like I did, and “could wear my shoes,” so to speak. But very few felt the inner motivation to finally make the ‘jump’ and bridge the gap…. (Continue reading this Forgiveness, How to Let Go)

“There is a Reason For You” by Ton Pascal
Did you ever stop to think about all the people that come into your life? In our ever-evolving society, even the most timid, reserved or reclusive person has several people contacting and connecting with him/her every day. Whether it is telephone, Internet, fax, or a direct contact, people are coming into your life. And there is a reason for it and it is not at all by sheer coincidence. (Continue reading this There is a Reason For You)

“What is Spirituality” by Ton Pascal
Little did I know when I first wrote an article on forgiveness based on my own experience, that I had just opened the door to a new dimension of my Self. On the other hand from the immense email response I got, for others I had opened the Pandora’s box. (Continue reading this What is Spirituality)

“Two Steps to Failure Free Goals” by Elizabeth Cauley
We all have goals. We have that list which looks so crisp and pretty on January 1st. It may say “go on a vacation” or “lose 10 pounds” or “learn to play the piano”. But, by January 20th, that list is under a pile of papers and that goal is far from of your mind. Why is it that we can’t stick to these resolutions? We want to do these things but we just can’t get it done. (Continue reading this Two Steps to Failure Free Goals)

“What We Really Want is Love” by John E. Welshons
What most of us want— more than anything — is Love. More than money, possessions, fame, and fortune…we want Love. We want Love because, in the depths of our soul, we know that Love is the only thing that can make us happy. Every path we take to find happiness is really a search for Love.  (Continue Reading What We Really Want is Love)

“Five Steps for Dealing With a Manipulative Control Freak” by Mark Tyrrell

Control freaks don’t tend to make people around them happy. Okay, this is an understatement. Being in the constant orbit of a control freak can make you downright miserable. Colleagues, friends, and partners can feel their every thought, action, and opinion is only valid if it concurs totally with the control freak’s take on things. (Continue Reading Five Steps for Dealing With a Manipulative Control Freak)