The Biggest Loser’s Inspiring Messages

The Biggest Loser

A show that has achieved Can’t Miss in my world is The Biggest Loser.  I’m a sucker for success stories of any kind.  I love to see individuals, through passion and sheer determination, knock down obstacles that stand between them and their castle in the sky.  I admit, I cry along with them when their heart breaks and I cry for them when they put the heart back together.

Human triumph – what a rush!

I’ve gotten inspired to really amp up my family’s diet with healthy foods and cut out those that are unhealthy to the point of dangerous.  If we started looking at things like fried foods and fast food burgers as “dangerous” instead of just “fattening,” I think we’d all do a better job of avoiding them.

A few small steps we’ve made:

  1. If we’re going to be out running around (very, very often) and we’re certain a drive thru is in our future, we’ve started taking our own drinks, as in water or tea. This way, we won’t be tempted by the soft drinks.  After all, there’s only room in the drink holder for the drinks that are already there.
  2. We’ve switched from red meat sandwiches to either fish or chicken – and always grilled instead of fried.  McD’s has an amazing grilled chicken sandwich.
  3. When possible, we choose Subway over the others.  A vegetarian subway with the sweet onion sauce is as good as anything you could get anywhere.
  4. Fries are totally off limits. When we get hit by fry cravings, we have a baked potato, instead.  Perfect? No, but better than fries.

The health factor isn’t the only thing you can take away from The Biggest Loser. There’s an amazingly inspiring undercurrent to each show.  People who are up against seemingly impossible odds fight and then fight some more to get past those odds.  These are classic examples of individuals who are up against the biggest and most able-bodied enemy we’ll ever face – ourselves.

Something that one of the ladies said on the first episode this season has stuck with me.  She said that she was through whining and complaining about what she didn’t like about herself and was, now, ready to do something about it. You go, girl…then keep on going!

Whether it’s a weight-y matter we’re up against, money matters, or something else – we have two choices: 

  • A.  We can continue to let it sit in the driver’s seat, yielding total control of the steering wheel, even though we HATE where it keeps taking us….while we ball up in the backseat in a fetal position, crying.  Or..
  • B.  We can say, “Screw this!” as we climb over the seat and take the wheel.  The minute we do that, our own personal, evil “matter” has no choice but to retreat to the backseat. 

Just like there’s only room enough for one drink in a drink holder, there’s only room enough in our life’s driver seat for one driver.  It’s either us or it isn’t.  Oh so much can be accomplished on the good side of a “Screw this!” moment.

I’ll see you there!

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