The Difference Between Thinking, Trying, and Doing


Potato Chips


I caught some words speeding out of my mouth the other day and had to pull them over for questioning.  It wasn’t the speed limit they were breaking (Sure, I talk fast, but I’m used to that – people around me listen fast.), it was the “Whatinthebloodyhell” are you talking about rule they were abusing.  And when I say abusing, I mean bludgeoning.

I was in the supermarket with daughters 2 and 3, also known as Brittany and Stephany.  We were in the produce aisle when the words broke the law of reason.  With a cart carrying potato chips, Halloween Candy (Yes a month early, what of it?), and ingredients for my favorite Brownie with a Walnut in every bite recipe I tell my girls, “I’m really tryin’ to eat healthy these days.”  As soon as the words came out, I pulled them aside.  Sure, they were embarassed, but they know the laws of reason and broke them anyway.

I’m sure it’s not the first time I’ve ever claimed to be “trying” something when, in effect, I was only thinking of it.  There’s a world of difference between TRYING and THINKING and two worlds of difference between THINKING and DOING.

I should have said “I’ve been thinking about eating more healthy foods and cutting out the junk.”  Then I would have, at least, been in the right lane!

If we really, really want to improve in any area of our life, we need to hold ourselves accountable.  When we say, I’m trying to eat more healthily (Or I’m trying to quit smoking, I’m trying to work on my temper, I’m trying to make more moneyI’m trying to lose weight……), we’d do well to ask ourselves, What are you actually doing?  After all, try is a verb – so when we use it, we should be taking some sort of action, right?  Unless, of course, your trying (like mine in this instance) is more thought than action.

Next time you say, “I’m trying….,” police yourself by asking, “How?”  You’ll probably stop yourself in your tracks.  While stalled, come up with an action plan – one that’ll carry you from trying to doing (like replacing potato chips with air popped popcorn). 

Living within the laws of reason is a much more peaceful place – as long as you smuggle in the ocassional brownie with a walnut in every bite.


Air Popped Popcorn


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