The Key to Happiness is in Our Own Hand

How to Be Happy?  Be Happy. When my daughters were 8, 7, and 4, they got along beautifully most of the time. However, as you’d imagine, they were perfectly capable of mini wars that left everyone miserable.

I remember one summer day in particular. Each of the 3 was positively furious with the other 2. Such scowls!

It was one of those, “She’s touching me!” and “Make her stop looking at me!” days. Even our cats were in nasty moods.

Around 3:00 pm, things began to return to normal and the oldest (Emily) and youngest (Stephany) even headed out to the backyard to play. While I was fixing supper, my 7 year old (Brittany) came around the corner with lopsided pigtails and a pooched out bottom lip. She had one sandal on her foot and carried the other in her hand, seemingly undecided about what to do next: Put the second sandal on and join the fun outdoors or take the first one off and stay inside, away from the laughs, sunshine, and playing?

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