The Mediterranean Diet

 An Apple a Day....

 Everything I’ve been reading lately has me wonderiing if we shouldn’t all base our diets on The Meditarranean Diet.  I’ll be the first to admit that structured eating isn’t something I’m into.  I inherited from my dad a great passion for food and cooking - and the thought of telling certain foods that they aren’t welcome in my sanctum sanctorum (a.k.a. my kitchen) is a foreign policy.

All I’m suggesting is that per chance we should incorporate some of the foundations of The Meditarranean Diet into our lives – for the sake of our lives.

Here, I’ll let you in on the great things I’ve been reading about this Diet:

  1. A recent study followed more than 2,300 healthy elderly men and women from eleven different European countries for ten years. Those people with eating habits that met at least half the criteria of a Mediterranean diet suffered at least 25 percent fewer deaths during that period. In fact, people who ate a mostly Mediterranean diet, exercised moderately, drank little to moderate amounts of alcohol, and didn’t smoke had 65 percent fewer deaths than those who followed none or only one of these healthy habits. Avoidance of these healthy habits was strongly linked to death from cancer or heart disease.
  2. A recent review  found that the risk of heart disease can drop from 8 to 45 percent if people follow this diet. More surprisingly, a recent study found that those who met most of the criteria for a Mediterranean diet lowered their risk of heart attack by more than 80 percent compared to those who met only one or two criteria.
  3. In addition to better health, The Mediterranean diet helps to control weight, as well.  Studies show that people on a Mediterranean diet lose more weight than those on a low fat diet.
  4. New research suggests this type of eating plan may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  A new study showed that people who ate such a diet had a 40 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s than those who ate the conventional American diet.  40 percent!  A 10 percent lower risk would have gotten my attention, but 40 – wow.

So how do you create a healthy Mediterranean-Style diet for yourself?

  • Add more vegetables to your daily diet.
  • Add more fruit.
  • Eat more dried beans, nuts, and seeds.
  • Cut back on red meat – you don’t have to cut it OUT, just BACK. I mean, it’s grilling season, there’s no way I could cut it out! 
  • Olive Oil should be your main source of fat.
  • Eat more fish!!!
  • Cut back on high fat/high sugar desserts.

Better health, trimmer waist, stronger mind – I’m hitting the produce aisle pretty hard today.


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