Adult Coloring Books: Because Creativity Isn’t Just for Kids!

"Whatever is Lovely" and a Box of Colored Pencils Spell RELAX

Whatever is Lovely

Whatever Is Lovely: A Coloring Book for Reflection and Worship is, without a doubt, one of my favorite books. It’s a creative, mentally stimulating, visually appealing, and Spiritually refreshing breath of fresh air.

Who’s not going to love everything about that?!

I just wrote a Whatever is Lovely Review on Out of Bounds (my brain health/mental fitness blog) – click the link to check it out. OR.. you could simply go straight to Amazon and order your own copy – that, too would be a brilliant move.

Just be sure you have some colorful crayons or colored pencils on hand because your creativity is about to run amok as it chases stress and anxiety right out of your life.

I kid you not.. you’re going to LOVE this book.

~ Joi

Whatever is Lovely Adult Coloring Book

Review: Better Eyesight for Busy People

12 Easy and Effective Eye Exercises

Better Eyesight for Busy People
Better Eyesight for Busy People (Eye Exercises)
Something I regularly do on Self Help Daily is set aside a particular frame of time to focus on particular subjects. I’ll gear my research, reading, writing, and reviews toward a subject I think my readers will benefit from. Empty Nest Syndrome, Overcoming Bad Habits, Developing More Confidence, Happiness, and Building Stronger Families are just a few of these special focus subjects.

While I’m sure we’ll revisit the subjects above – over the course of 2016, I’m going to show a great deal of attention to the following subjects:

  • aging well and staying healthy
  • mental fitness and brain health

I’m kicking off the series with a book review that fits both categories. Sometimes fate seems to like me. When I was asked if I’d like to review Better Eyesight for Busy People, I thought, “This couldn’t be more perfect if it were paid to.”

One of the KEY components of aging well is to, obviously, maintain and properly care for each of your senses. Our hearing and eyesight are two things we tend to take for granted, until it’s too late. When we’re being fitted for hearing aids or picking out a snazzy pair of eyeglasses, we often wish we’d listened to all that rock music a little more quietly and wish we’d done our part to keep our eyes healthy and strong.

While we can’t possibly prevent every single thing that could go wrong as years pass, doesn’t it make sense to do everything in our power to put the odds firmly in our favor?

Better Eyesight for Busy People is a small booklet of 12 EASY eye exercises that you can do regularly. I love that it’s such a convenient size (a little smaller than a iPad mini) and is as light as a feather. You can take it with you anywhere and review the exercises you have performed that day and the ones you need to do.

{Review Continued Below..}

Better Eyesight for Busy People
Better Eyesight for Busy People (Eye Exercises)

You may wonder why I said this book was tied to mental fitness. After all, it’s pretty obvious how it’s connected to aging well, right? But, mental fitness and brain health…… not so obvious.

Here’s the thing, in order to stay mentally fit, prevent dementia, and continue to strengthen our brains, we need to be on top of everything around us. We need to be able to read, observe, and see the world as it deserves to be seen. When an individual’s eyesight begins to weaken, they tend to withdraw from life. They often adapt the attitude of, “There’s nothing worth reading, anyway” or “I  have better things to do than going to that museum…”

They disengage and withdraw from life and I don’t have to tell you how disastrous (and sad!) that  is.

Help for Tired Eyes

See the exercise pictured in the photo above? Not only is this exercise apparently great for strengthening your eyes, I’ve found it to be AWESOME for tired eyes. After staring at the computer for hours or after reading a few can’t miss chapters from an Agatha Christie mystery, my eyes usually feel as tired as I would if I ran a few miles (not much chance of that happening unless I’m being chased by a snake, but that’s beside the point).  This exercise revives them and makes them feel like they’re ready to get back to work. Or, better yet, on to the next chapter in my mystery.

For less than $6, this booklet gives you (and those you love) 12 great eye-strengthening exercises – allowing you to take a proactive part in how well your eyes age.

See Better Eyesight for Busy People for more information. The book is also available to download onto your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle ( Click Better Eyesight for Busy People
for the Kindle version.).

~ Joi

*** I’m going to begin three Focal Subjects on my Mental Fitness Blog, Out of Bounds, this week: Relaxation, Overcoming Stress, and Silencing Anxiety.

Joy… Joi… Joy… Down in My Heart….

Why I Cherish Both the Word and Name

Yesterday I took one of those fun online quizzes that tell you something about yourself after a series of questions. This quiz was called, “What Your Parents Should Have Named You.”

After answering a series of questions, it told me that my parents should have named me… are you ready for it… Joy.

Well done, mom and dad!

My great-grandmother came up with the idea of spelling it with an i instead of a y, but Joy is my name… it’s just spelled with an i.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to say those words in my life, “…spelled with an i.”

Joy is, and always has been, one of my absolute favorite words. It symbolizes happiness, peace, contentment, bliss, and a whole other list of words that (as Andy Griffith might say), “Ain’t nothin’ but good.

Earlier this month, when I wrote a review of the NinkaStudio Theme of the Year Calendars, they graciously told me to pick out one of the words as a thank you. Naturally, I went with Joy.

Because it “Ain’t nothin’ but good.

I’ll let you in on another reason the word and name mean the world to me.

Many years ago (never mind how many, nosy Parker), my mom was a pretty sick 22 year old who’d just found out she was a mother-to-be. Her thyroid was going haywire, and being so long ago, treatments for such things were nowhere near what they are today.

She was told that the baby (me) wouldn’t make it and that, for her health, it was best to terminate the pregnancy. When she vehemently refused, she was assured that her pregnancy would not be an easy one in any sense of the word.  She was also told that her baby would not be “normal” – to which she simply said, “But it’ll be MY baby.”

The pregnancy was especially bad, causing her a great deal of sickness and discomfort – I’d imagine even more so given the grim forecast. As for the baby, I think I turned out normal enough.

On the day I was born, when it came time to name this small pink human that caused so much trouble, my mom chose “Joy.”

Spelled with an i.

That doesn’t just mean the world to me on a personal level (my name was one of the sweetest gifts she ever gave me, right after life, itself). It also means the world to me because, at the end of a battle – one in which she… at such a young age… called the shots – she chose Joy for more than just a name. She chose Joy as the way she’d view the situation.

I’ve had many life lessons in my years. Heck, I’ve even created a few of them along the way. But this one has left a profound effect on my psyche. Maybe it’s why I, without even thinking about it, choose to see the humor in life. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I seldom ever take anything seriously and why I’m always looking for the next reason to smile.

I often sign my name online Joi (“Joy”) to make sure my mom’s chosen name is completely conveyed. Ever since I had a teacher once call me, “Joe-I,” I take no chances.

I believe in positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and motivational books. I also believe in the power of words. I believe that if you take one very special word and make it your “Spirit Word,” it can be your very own safe haven.

If you’re looking for a word to remind you that there are always reasons to smile…. a word that, itself, if filled with sunshine…. I have a word for you: Joy.

Spelled with a y.

~ Joi

Infographic: How to Be an Excellent Public Speaker

Perfect Timing is Improving Your Public Speaking is a Resolution

How to Be a Better Public Speaker Infographic

If there’s one thing that ranks right up there with snakes and heights for me, it’s public speaking. As my husband can surely attest, I can talk all day long and never run out of words OR breath – but when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people, my hands get sweaty, my voice gets tight, and I honestly feel like I may just pass out!

If public speaking has a similar effect on you (Heaven help you!)


Infographic Credit: Davitt Corporate Psychology

Perfect Quote About New Year’s Day (Quote Graphic)

Leave it to a Poet to Capture it Beautifully...

New Year's Day Quote
Poets are, unquestionably, some of the most talented and gifted of all writers. They’re just brilliant – and I’m not saying that because one of my daughters happens to be a poet (though she is especially brillaint). Poetry is one of the hardest things to write – I’ve tried!

Edith Lovejoy Pierce – the poet who coined the beautiful quote above – captured the essence of New Year’s Day beautifully.

Just as you’d expect a poet to do.

Have a beautiful, safe, and perfectly wonderful New Year’s Day and may 2016 bring you everything you ever hoped for – and even things you never even hoped to dream of!

~ Joi (“Joy”)

Bawb's Raven Feathers Books

Coming to Self Help Daily: Bigger Focus on Inspirational and Motivational Books

More than ever, I’m putting a HUGE emphasis on “Creating the World of  Your Dreams”  on Self Help Daily. I’ll write more about what this will entail in an upcoming post – but I will go ahead and say this, you’ll be seeing a lot more books and book reviews on SHD.

Books are a wonderful gateway to the world you’re looking to create and it’s my honor to help you find the ones that are… well.. gateways worth walking through!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many books sent my way for reviewing and have many more reviews headed your way.

If you have a book you’d like reviewed on Self Help Daily, I have a few guidelines and preferences:

  • I realize there are many “kickstart” books that are in the process of being written or published. I’ve heard about a few that sound amazing and I’m hoping these books one day see the light of day. However, with a high volume of books to review and write about, I have decided that I’ll be able to help my readers most by dealing with books that are immediately available. I wish each of you nothing but the best, of course, and PLEASE let me know when your book is good to go!
  • I prefer physical books to e-books when it comes to reviews. For personal reading, I like the two evenly – but if I’m going to be writing a review, I love the luxury of highlighting and making notations in a physical book. I also like to flip through readily if I need to extract a quote.
  • If a book is, in any way, disrespectful to God or believers – please don’t bother suggesting it.

Types of Books I Review on Self Help Daily:

  • Self Help
  • Self Improvement
  • Spiritual
  • Motivational
  • Health-Related
  • Family Oriented
  • Inspiring Biographies/Auto-Biographies

If you have a book that doesn’t fall into one of the categories above, I might still be able to help you. I have a variety of blogs and, therefore, am able to write reviews for a wide variety of books. My other subjects include: Cooking/Recipes, Tea, Coffee, the Civil War, Dreams, Kentucky, Cats, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and Mental Fitness/Alzheimer’s Prevention.

For those who read my book reviews, recommendations, and book news:

  • If I have read a book and highly recommend it, I will clearly say so. If I have not read a book, but am simply telling you about it, you’ll know that too. I will clearly say so.

While we’re on the subject of books, I’d like to tell you about an e-book today that is both free and ambitious – How to Become Your Best Self.  I have not had the chance to read this e-book yet (I learned about it right between Thanksgiving and Christmas… a period of time when the only things I read are recipes and wish lists!).  You can learn more about the e-book by visiting The Mind Optimizer.

NinkaStudio “Theme of the Year” Calendars

I Really Love the Idea Behind These Beautiful Calendars...


Well, guys 2016 is just about here. 2015 was a bumpy ride in my family, so we’re welcoming 2016 with arms wide open.

If you’re as into calendars as I am (I usually have about 4) or if you love positive affirmations and motivation even half as much as I do, you’re going to be blown away by these printable calendars from NinkaStudio.

The “Theme-of-the-Year”  printable calendars are available and each one is more than just a pretty face.  These special calendars allow you to keep a special theme or “word of the year” front and center in your life all year.


Themes (“Word of the Year”) Include:

  • Simplify
  • Awake
  • Balance
  • Laugh
  • Imagine
  • Breathe
  • Enthusiasm
  • Release
  • Sparkle
  • Rest
  • And many more!

From NinkaStudio:

A theme-of-the-year is a very simple concept that a lot of people use instead of New Year’s resolutions. It’s also called “One Word Resolution”, “Word of the year”, “Personal Mantra”, “Intention for the year” or simply “One Word”. Instead of focusing on lots of goals that often get abandoned within a few weeks, a simple word or phrase will be your guide. One word is easy to remember, simple to focus on and can gently guide your decisions, plans and actions in all areas of life.


For a VERY low price, here’s what you get:

2 printable files:

  • 2016 Year-at-a-glance Calendar (choose between US Letter with Sunday start or A4 with Monday start)
  • 8″x10″ printable theme (JPG or PDF) – print & frame or set it as your desktop background

I hope you’ll click through and find the word (or words!) that resonate with you. If you find several, consider buying each – after all, can we really have too much motivation?

Keep smiling! ~ Joi (“Joy”)