Activate Your Abundance by Kim Caldwell

Overcome Negativity and Open a New World

Activate Your Abundance Remembering Your Power to Create What You Want - Kim Caldwell - Paperback

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

Whenever I’m in the middle of a great book, I always think of one of my favorite quotes, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  I’m honestly not sure who originally said it, but I’m certain I’d love to sit down with them for an afternoon, drinking coffee and talking books.  Or tea, if they’re British. Tea… coffee… I go either way.

I recently told you about a great book by Kim Caldwell, How Green Smoothies Saved My Life (click the link for the review, if you missed it).  I just finished another book by Kim called Activate Your Abundance: Remembering Your Power to Create What You Want.

“Listen for the magic word of motivation and you will hear it. Then the sky is the limit.” – Norman Vincent Peale

I talk on a regular basis to a lot of authors and publishers about books and book reviews. One asked me a few years ago how I approached a book review. I told her that I let the book, itself, lead the way…. then I try very hard not to get IN the way.

Some books need to be guided along in a review – I’ll feel the need to explain certain concepts because they aren’t truly clear until you, yourself, have read the book.

However, with Activate Your Abundance, no guided tour is necessary.  I could honestly say something like, “This is the book that can serve as a spark plug to your self confidence and fuel to your success (in all the ways you define success).  Activate Your Abundance will act as a broom to sweep away the cobwebs of negativity in the corners of your mind and life.  If you want to release yesterday, embrace today, and improve tomorrow, make this the next book you read.

That, and that alone, could be the review because it truly sums it up.  However, it doesn’t seem fair to sum up such a wonderful and potentially life-changing book with one paragraph.

Besides, we all know I am not a gal of few words.

From the Introduction of Activate Your Abundance:

One of the most important messages this book offers is how negative emotions become trapped in our body, creating disease and problems in our lives. Many of us have lived with these problems for years, unaware of the root cause. These include weight, relationship, health, and financial problems.  You are probably thinking, “If I need to lose weight, how will clearing negative thoughts help?”  Let me assure you that releasing these heavy emotions will lighten our load both mentally and physically.  I have found some of the best techniques available to heal and clear these negative emotions. I present them here to you with the knowing that they will make wonderful shifts in your consciousness if practiced consistently with an open mind.  The dividends for releasing these stuck negative emotions are endless. You will discover yourself in a new way as all your best qualities start to emerge. – Kim Caldwell

In Activate Your Abundance, you will experience a 44-Day program designed to help you get in touch with YOU and the world around you. Not the you that you think you should be, and not the world you think you should have.  The program strips away all the extras, along with all the negative cobwebs.  Some that you never even knew were hanging around!

“Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous.  That has more of an effect on economic well-being than any other factor.” – Paul Hawken

One of the things I love most about this very positive, up-lifting, and give-me-the-toothbrush-while-I-take-on-the-hounds-of-hell book is the fact that it’s all about ATTRACTING great things to you.   It’s about realizing that you are worthy of everything you dream of.  You are not chained by past mistakes or heartaches. No one and nothing is holding you back or in place.

I’ll confess, I did not take 44 days and treat this book as a day by day program.  I was only in “Day Two” when I realized that the “meat” in this book was too good to put the fork down!  I kept finding myself saying things like, “Oh, that’s good… Amen to that!” and “Where’s my pen, I have to write that down.

Something else I told an author once was the fact that the hardest thing about writing book reviews is giving enough information without giving too much away.  Books aren’t just paper and bright covers. Books are experiences and the best experiences in life are those you don’t see coming.  To this book lover, giving too much away is like opening a Christmas present early, then wrapping it back up.  It takes the joy out of the whole thing.

Each “Day” is like a powerful devotion and gives you something to think about and work on. Each one is designed to chip away at negative forces in you and in your life. Some you would never have thought of on your own – I guarantee it.

How effective can it be to get rid of negativity?  Think of a cloudy, over-cast day.  When the dark clouds move out of the way, the sunshine feels brighter and more beautiful than ever, doesn’t it?! Think of negativity as dark clouds.  Activate Your Abundance can help clear the clouds out of your sky and leave you with brightness and beauty.

A final word about the sneaky effects of negativity:  Most people don’t realize they even have a problem with negative thoughts.  They think there’s some big mystery that explains why they aren’t happy, satisfied, or living up to their potential. They may blame other people, their circumstances, and even God.  They look everywhere except the place they should look!

The following illustration, I think, brings it all home.

I recently read about a woman’s diagnosis with Thyroid Disease. It made me think back to when my own thyroid went haywire.  I had no idea, whatsoever, what my problem was. I just knew I had a big one.   My hands were shaky and always sweaty.  Before holding one of my little girls’ hands, I’d always have to dry my hand off on something first.  I could just walk across the room and my pulse would jump up to 106 beats a minute. It felt like it was beating right out of my chest.

One night I was reading a book (knowing me, it was an Agatha Christie novel… I ALWAYS have one going) across from my husband in our den. I shook my head and put the book down.  He asked what was wrong and I told him the words weren’t words all of a sudden, they were just a bunch of letters that didn’t make any sense.  He, of course, looked alarmed.  I picked the book back up and they were words again.

I went to the doctor the next day.

This particular doctor didn’t catch my problem. He treated my asthma with his favorite medicines and told me not to read when I was overly tired.  I said, “Okay” out loud and added, “moron” under my breath.

The weird symptoms continued to pile up.  My weight dropped, I was thirsty 24-7, my brain was foggy, and my heart continued to race. My poor mom nearly worried herself silly and the only words my husband seemed capable of saying at the time was, “Call another doctor.”

I was a young mother of three very young and active little girls. I kept thinking, “I’m just extremely tired.” My dad was going through a nightmare with his own health, and I rationed away my problems as stress on top of exhaustion.

One day, my husband, our daughters, and I were in a nearby city around lunch time.  It was raining and he had to run into a store. I was (as always) SO thirsty.  I rolled my window down, wiped rain water off of the rear view mirror and put the water into my mouth… like four times in a row. The thought now makes me kind of sick, but I felt like I was about to die of thirst!

I went to another doctor the next day.

I think my mom suspected diabetes and I’m pretty sure my husband thought I had some sort of crazy, yet to be named disease with a grim outlook.  As for me, I didn’t know what it was but felt certain it was bad.

Even my doctor seemed overly concerned!

Turns out I had a ridiculously overactive thyroid that needed to be destroyed.  The hospital said they’d never seen one so out of whack – I took pride in that.  The hyperactive, crazy thyroid was dealt a final blow and I began taking a simple little pill every morning.  No biggy.

 The thing is, the solution and the cause were so simple! I kept getting worse because, honestly, I think I was kind of scared of what doctors would find because I felt SO bad.  Turns out the answer was quick, painless, and… in every way possible… gave me my life back.

I’m sure you see where I”m headed with this. Negativity is like an undiagnosed disease.  It’s victim will think the problem is something else.  Heck, they may be so scared that it’s something HUGE that they try to cover it up.  They know the cobwebs are on the window, but they throw curtains up over it.  Personally, I think a lot of people are scared that their problem is anxiety or depression.  Like me with my haywire thyroid, they’re certain the problem is bigger than it actually is.

You can deal negativity a fatal blow!  Your cure could be just a book away and the answer is quick, painless, and… in every way possible, will give you your life back.

See Activate Your Abundance: Remembering Your Power to Create What You Want for more information.

~ Joi

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