How to Prevent Arthritis Or 20 Ways to Stay Out of Arthur’s Reach

What Can We Do To Prevent Arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most painful conditions an individual can live with.  Unfortunately our risk of learning this truth firsthand increases with age.  Fortunately, as with a lot of diseases, there are certain things we can do and certain things we can avoid to keep ourselves off of the arthritis radar.

  1. Drink your orange juice. Studies show that the antioxidants found in citrus fruit greatly reduce our odds of developing arthritis.
  2. Got milk? You should.  Calcium should be a part of your daily diet, especially if staying out of arthritis’ path is high on your “must do” list.  Drink milk and enjoy yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products.   If you are lactose intolerant (such as moi), remember that salmon and broccoli are sources of calcium.
  3. Watch your weight. Extra weight puts pressure on your joints and, when trying to hide from arthritis, you certainly don’t want to stress out your joints.  Just add arthritis to the list of diseases and ailments that can be discouraged by maintaining a healthy weight.  I read somewhere that if you lose 12 pounds, you cut your risk for developing arthritis in half.
  4. Stay active. Inactivity is a dangerous thing – for the body as well as the mind.  Brisk daily walks, strength – training, pilates, swimming, tennis, or yoga are excellent ways to keep your body active.  They’ll also help you with #3.  Stretching exercises and swimming are two of the best ways to keep your joints happy and stress-free and your muscles in top working condition.  Try to get at least 30 minutes of activity daily.  Exercise builds your muscles and your muscles support your joints.  See the connection? Weak muscles don’t offer the support your joints need but strong muscles will keep them honest.
  5. Use common sense. When home, at work, or at play, pay closer attention to what you put your joints through.  Find ways to lessen lifting and carrying activities.  Avoid things that put excess stress on your hips and knees.  Also, take extra care when playing sports.  Never put yourself at risk for injuries and remember to warm up before an activity and cool down afterward.
  6. Quit smoking. As if there aren’t enough reasons, already, to quit a habit that’s so bad for you! Cigarette – smoking is a habit that’s bad for you in every way conceivable.  It weakens your immune system and compromises your overall health. People who smoke cigarettes even age faster than others.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. Never compromise your feet for stylish shoes.  Be certain that your shoes are the size you need and make sure they’re padded.  Neglected feet can cause a whole world of problems and none of them are pretty.
  8. Don’t sit still for long periods of time. If you have a desk job (or you simply enjoy sitting a great deal!), make it a point to get up and stretch periodically.  Using gentle movements, stretch all of your muscles to keep them nice and limber.  As an extra bonus, stretching will make you feel better.  It’ll also help you stay more alert.
  9. Try to avoid repetitive motions. If your job calls for you to make repetitive motions on a consistent basis, make it a point to find ways to take some of the pressure off of your joints.  Always remember:  When it comes to preventing arthritis, you want to keep your joints as stress free as possible.
  10. Take fish oil supplements.  Add preventing arthritis to the long list of benefits of taking daily fish oil supplements.
  11. Practice good posture. Sit up straight and walk tall.  Keep your back straight and your abs pulled in.
  12. Sleep on a firm mattress. Again, it’s all about supporting your joints and keeping them happy.
  13. Drink plenty of water. Water is necessary for joint lubrication.  It’ll also help with weight maintenance.  Think of drinking water as ridding your body of toxins – after all, that’s exactly what you’re doing.
  14. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. If you’re tired or run down, you’ll increase your risks of harming your muscles or other parts of your body.  Be sure to get plenty of sleep AND be sure to take breaks during the day.
  15. Be informed. I can’t possibly tell you how important it is to stay on top of information and news – especially health news.  Read, read, read, read.  Then read some more.  Stay current with health issues and advice from reputable doctors and other experts in the health field.
  16. Bundle up in cold weather. If it’s cold outside, don’t be a hero – dress warmly. Keep your joints warm and protected from the frigid cold.  Be extra thoughtful and considerate of your hands and protect them with a great pair of gloves.  Think of all your hands do for you – protect them and keep them safe.  Also, keep your poor knees in mind!  Wear thick pants or even long underwear.  As for your feet (also pretty important, right?) wear thick, appropriate socks and waterproof footwear.
  17. Use Heat Therapy. When you’re feeling achy and kind of stiff, take a warm bath or a warm shower or snuggle up with a heating pad.  Heat therapy soothes and relaxes over-worked muscles and joints.
  18. Learn relaxation techniques. Not only should you get plenty of sleep and rest, you should become a master of relaxation techniques.  Tense muscles cause joints to become stressed and, as we’ve already determined, we want our joints to be as stress free as a trophy wife.
  19. Don’t carry extra burdens. No, I’m not talking about worries this time – I’m talking about literally carrying extra burdens.  If you can pull it or push it, don’t lift it.  Also, use wheelbarrows, wagons, or other useful tools to do the hard work for you.  Don’t exert undo pressure on your joints.
  20. Consider Cod liver oil and Vitamin E.  Each of these reduce inflammation in the body.  Experts tell us that eating fruits and vegetables each day also reduce inflammation.

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11 thoughts on “How to Prevent Arthritis Or 20 Ways to Stay Out of Arthur’s Reach

  1. You mention both cod liver oil and fish oil supplements. Now, I’m all about supplements, but is there something you can take that covers the benefits of both?

    On another note, something that women should be especially aware of is their purses. You mentioned carrying things, but I think a lot of us don’t realize exactly how heavy our purses are and how much unnecessary crap we carry in them.
    Pam´s last blog post ..Changing Thoughts and Behaviors- You Can’t Replace Something With Nothing

  2. Pam, Excellent point about purses! They’re kind of like life – we carry far too many things with us.. things we’ll never even need! My daughter, Emily, broke her collar bone when she was younger and – to this day – if her purse is too heavy, her collar bone will hurt. There’s not much telling what extra weight such as heavy purses does to the back – not to mention the arm, elbow, shoulder, etc.

    Great point, thanks for sharing it!

    As for the cod liver oil and fish oil supplements, I wish I knew of a way to get both at once. I’m going to do a little research today and see what I turn up!

  3. Hi! I love your article very informative and very helpful. Thanks! :)
    Those lists that you have really works, Keep on writing one. And i do believe in the saying, \”an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure\”. More power!

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  5. In relation with Pam’s post about carrying heavy things….There is a proper way to carry heavy things such as proper body alignment, bending our knees, etc. It is also important to know the proper position of our body when carrying heavy objects. I would like also to ask, what is the minimum weight of an object that we can normally carry to prevent arthritis?

  6. Very very useful article and thanks for the same. Would like to know whether to prevent arthis what type of excercise we have to take up other than swimming. Can we do brisk walking on Tred Mill and strength training – can we use weights in excercise and attend gym. Can we do cycling stationary.
    Will under weight help prevent arthis absouletely.

  7. Thanks for very useful article. Would like to know to prevent the arthis what type of excercise one should take up for his / her daily fitness.

    1. can we do brisk walking on Tred Mill

    2. can we do stationary cycling

    3. can we use dumb bells – use weights for strength training

    4. can we pull weight bars at gym for muscle building.

    Kindly advise

  8. Thank you so much for this article! I’m going to put the things I’m not doing to the preventative measure NOW! Found you on google. These tips are wonderful!!