How Teachable are You?

The Answer May Surprise You

How Teachable Are You?
Do you believe that you can learn at least something from every person you meet? I absolutely, positively believe that – though, granted, the lesson isn’t always obvious.

The day we STOP learning is the day we STOP growing and if that thought, alone, doesn’t convince you to open your eyes to being more “teachable,” nothing will.

Below are 12 “self test” questions to help determine how teachable you are.  They were devised by Marty Williams and can provide you with a wealth of insight.

How Teachable Are You?

  1. I am willing to listen more than talk.
  2. I admit when I am mistaken.
  3. I observe before acting on a situation.
  4. I am able to agree to disagree.
  5. I desire information more than answers.
  6. I enjoy asking questions.
  7. I am open to suggestions and new ideas.
  8. I feel comfortable asking for advice or directions.
  9. I am a patient and willing “student.”
  10. I enjoy reading for information that is practical and applicable.
  11. I seek out new perspectives on the questions of life.
  12. I can appreciate criticism without being deeply wounded.

If you’ve come up short – and let’s face it, we all will in at least one area – simply vow to work on becoming more teachable. More times than not, that involves just one thing: Realizing that we don’t know everything!

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2 thoughts on “How Teachable are You?

  1. I have just stumble on to this website and I am LOVING IT!!! Thanks for the profound out look on life, it does a spirit good