Quote of the Day: You Are Not Lonely

You May Be Surprised Where This Quote Came From...

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…So do not be lonely. You are just alone. It is like saying you are old. I am not old; I’m just older. –  Anna

I pull my quotes of the day from a great number of places. 8 times out of 10 they’re quotes I’ve recently read, thought about, or recently “called on” for inspiration or motivation.  Today’s quote of the day is a rare bird: It’s taken from a comment left here on Self Help Daily.

The comment was left on a post about Overcoming Loneliness, but that’s not even remotely important compared to the comment, itself – or more importantly the author of the comment.  Anna has been a widow for a year.  When I read that – at the first of her comment – my heart sank.  I thought, “Bless her heart…” (we Kentuckians are always blessing someone’s heart).  Then after I read a little more, I realized, this is one very special lady and simply refuses to hand over her joy to life’s circumstances.

Her words, her demeanor, her grace, and her spirit touched me and I wanted to pass it along.

To read her entire comment, go to the post, scroll down to the comments, and look for Anna.  You’re going to love her.

 ~ Joi

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One thought on “Quote of the Day: You Are Not Lonely

  1. Oh I like that quote!!! Very philosophical. I was thinking of doing a category on my blog “30 days to a better life” and of course post each day a way to better your life. At the top I was thinking of putting strong quotes to pull readers in. This is the kind of quotes I hope to find. Since my blog is about self improvement, this quote shows some wisdom with a positive outlook. Can’t beat that. Is there a certain place you go to look for quotes or do you just do a search? Or maybe run by them randomly? Nothing is better than a good quote. I am a fan of proverbs from other backgrounds since they are full of growth and wisdom. Good post!!!
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